Social events…

There are so many reasons to gather in a life lived richly – birthdays, showers, mitzvahs, holidays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries just to name a few. It’s so important to step out of the ordinary every once in awhile; to celebrate and honor the people and events that shape our lives.

Whether you’re planning an event for 10 guests or 100, there will always be dozens of choices and decisions to be made that can easily become overwhelming. Spoil yourself by being a guest at your own party and leave the the worrying to us. From the Menu and the Flowers…to the Cutlery, Napkins & Plates (and everything in-between), we’ve got you covered.

Wedding events..

We take immense pleasure in celebrating all of the beautiful bonus events that come along with pre and post Wedding day. From the carefully chosen bridal shower themes and intimate rehearsal dinners to the Bride’s Breakfast fit for a Queen and to follow… the always beautiful, post wedding day brunch. We flawlessly execute these events, leaving the Bride, Groom and their guests with memories to last a lifetime.

Corporate Events…

It’s important to showcase the integrity and accomplishments of your employees and company. However, to truly broadcast the success of productivity, it is important to celebrate your company’s milestones with clients, employees or both! The Nauti Butler provides an abundance of innovative and unique events that can be brought directly to your corporation. Our events are personalized and customized based on your desired event or function. Below are some examples of business events that we’ve done.

  • Product Launches/Re-Brand
  • Team-Building Activities
  • Conferences – on site/off site
  • Company Milestones/quarterly reviews
  • Board Meetings
  • Appreciation Ceremonies
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Retreats
  • Holiday Corporate Parties